Low Bandwidth Images

August 7, 2021
technical, art

So, you’ve got a website that you want to make use less bandwidth. Maybe you’re paying by the byte for content delivery, maybe you’re worried about the environment, either way, let’s assume you want to make your images as small as possible. The obvious place to start is just shrinking your images. Here, this is a 4032x2268 .jpg shrunk down to a 1008x567 .jpg - 25% of the original quality. ...

Ternary Logic

May 7, 2021
technical, school

This paper was written for CSCE-430, Computer Architecture at University Of Nebraska - Lincoln in Spring of 2021. This in-page view isn’t all that great, so feel free to download the pdf directly. If you would like to read the refrenced papers, I reccomend using Sci-Hub with a VPN on, as the academic publishers putting up paywalls as barriers to science can go fuck themselves. #the-canvas { border: 1px solid black; direction: ltr; width: 100%; height: auto; } #paginator{ text-align: center; margin-bottom: 10px; } Previous Next     Page: / window. ...

10 Products I Wish Existed

March 23, 2021

Most of these things probably exist. For many, it’s just that they don’t exist at a practical price point. Without further ado, In no particular order A not garbage, not phone based, IR camera that doesn’t cost a bajillion dollars Yes. I know the FLIR and SEEK Thermal cameras are a thing, but both have their share of software problems or hardware incompatibilities. Most of all, I don’t want to have to hope that their app keeps working with my phone at risk of a $250 paper weight. ...

Time lapse

February 4, 2021

Super brief post about one of the more fun projects I setup recently: a lil' time lapse script #!/bin/bash CAM=$(v4l2-ctl --list-devices | grep C920 -A 1 | grep /dev | awk '{$1=$1};1') #Uncomment the next line to verify it's using the correct device #echo $CAM ffmpeg -f video4linux2 -s 1920x1080 -i $CAM -ss 0:0:2 -frames 1 "/mnt/data/lapse/tl$(date +"%Y-%m-%d_%H-%M-%S").jpg" I have multiple cameras on my system, but only wanted output from the better one, the C920. ...

Slow Down!

January 14, 2021

I use VCV Rack a lot. I normally use it on Windows as running VSTs in Linux is still a bit of a PITA and If I’m going to make music I want to have access to all of my tools. However, I still want to be able to use VCV on Linux for processing guitar when taking breaks from working on other things without having to reboot over to Windows. ...

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