Design, Other

Mobile Apps for Art & Design #

Name & Link Description Demo/Screenshot
Pixlr phone version of
Fragment Add some neat geometric reflections into your art
Mirror Lab ^
Spiro, Tilemaker Makes some interesting tiled patterns
Easyposer, plenty of other alternatives Decent app for poseable character models. Some presets and models require a $5 pro version
Fraksl, Fractal Eye, MandelBrowser Neat Fractal Explorers
Glitch Lab Tons of glitch effects, including some really nice pixel sorting
Euclidea Not sure this one counts. It’s a game about making various geometric shapes using circles. It’s useful for learning some art techniques, though.

Working with other artists #

Orions Arm Universe - Collective, shared setting for art and stories

Events that can help you with art #

Inktober, Swordvember, Smaugust

Photography #

Filmulator accepts raw files from cameras and simulates the development of film as if exposed to the same light as the camera’s sensor. This brings about several benefits:

  • Large bright regions become darker, compressing the output dynamic range.
  • Small bright regions make their surroundings darker, enhancing local contrast.
  • In bright regions, saturation is enhanced, helping retain color in bright skies, brighter skin tones, and sunsets.
  • In extremely saturated regions, the brightness is attenuated, helping retain detail e.g. in flowers.

Extremely high resolution scan of art

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