Chapter 21 - Game Programming & Design #

COMP4300 - Game Programming (David Churchill, YouTube)

Engines & Frameworks #

Both 2d and 3d #




fine. I’ll mention Unity and Unreal, but, like, I hate that the two make up such a huge chunk of the market

Unreal Engine


2d #

LEd engine - “LEd is a modern and open-source 2D level editor, specifically designed for indie devs”

OGMO Editor - “OGMO Editor is a free, open source 2D level editor built by indie game developers for indie game developers.”

LÖVE - “Hi there! LÖVE is an awesome framework you can use to make 2D games in Lua. It’s free, open-source, and works on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.”

Pyxel - Pyxel is a retro game engine for Python.

3d #

pwnfps engine - “An incomplete game engine I made for 7DFPS 2014 using C and a bit of Lua. It’s a realtime raytracer that happens to be pretty shiny.”

noeuclid by CNLohr - A Non-euclidean GPU Raytraced Engine

euclider - A higher-dimensional “non-euclidean” ray tracing prototype written in Rust.

Bevy - “A refreshingly simple data-driven game engine built in Rust Free and Open Source Forever!”

A Minecraft clone in hyperbolic space

‘Non Euclidean’ is a super mathy term and I’m really into it, basically it just means that space doesn’t quite work as you expect. The shortest distance between two points doesn’t have to be a line, portals connecting spaces, walking in circles takes you new places, etc. Here’s a decent blog post about some.

There’s also been some neat progress in the realm of voxel engines:

Heads up, not all 3d systems use the same coordinate systems. It’s a bit of a pain. Here’s a good chart for that (source - @FreyaHolmer on Twitter)

CoOrd Systems

Physics Engines #

Netcode #

Interesting ideas #

Procedural Animation: # link to embedded Tweet

RougeLikes #

What “Rougelike” Meant

Tons of Simulation #

Notia - Rougelite where every pixel is simulated

Cogmind - ASCII art game with a similarly extreme amount of environment destructibility

A very long thread on … stairs? Yeah. Look up advice on DND level design if you need general level design or architecture design n advice. The same twitter (Tommy Norberg, @the_Norberg) has many other good posts

Game engines for non-games #

Other Resources #

Xelu’s FREE Controllers & Keyboard Prompts - all CC0

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