Content is King #

At the end of the day, you can make a cool looking fancy website, but you still have to have something to say, a story to tell, a tutorial, videos, something to play. something. This isn’t a print book, you can come back and edit it later. The important thing is to just make something.

It doesn’t have to be good at first, it just has to exist. You’ll get better with practice, regardless of what part you’re bad it - the writing, the presentation, whatever. Just put in a little time every day.

That said, there are some tips that I’ve found useful for making better content faster

  1. Make something

  2. Be honest and excited!

    • This means being yourself. Write in your voice, don’t try to sound smart or professional, just write

    • If you’re writing about something, it’s probably because you care about it, but you may think that others don’t follow everything you’re saying

      “Ohh, I’d love to mention how the QMK keyboard firmware lets you set up multiple unicode layers but most people have no idea about mechanical keyboards, let alone Unicode or the QMK firmware so I need to cover that first…”

      BE YOURSELF. If you think it’s cool, others will enjoy your passion - even if they only follow half of what you’re saying. If nothing else, put something in to interrupt the flow of the rest of the page, like how I have my little speech bubbles and footnotes Hello!

      Hi there!

  1. Everything looks the goddamn same. Same sans serif fonts. Same flat illustrations. Same color schemes. Same. Same. Same.

  2. You can get away with looking boring if something else about your work is inventive, but not if the whole thing you’re doing is by-the-numbers.

  3. Even if what you’re making is original, why not look memorable while you’re at it?

- 100 Things Every Web Developer Should Know, №20 - Baldur Bjarnason

  1. Put more time into the intro & title … assuming you care about people actually seeing what you’ve made

    • A good intro and title can make a world of difference to a viewer’s attention.
    • This is the same idea as a narrative hook
  2. Visuals are worth a lot … and animated visuals are worth even more

    • If explaining something, show everything concretely as soon as possible, with demos
  3. Balance consumption with creation

    • Inspiration is incredibly valuable
    • Despite everything, a good, actual text book (paper or screen) tends to provide more food for thought than any other medium

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