Video & Streaming #

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Cameras #

If you’re like most people, the best camera you own is probably you’re phone camera.

Lighting #

I found hanging up some of those string light LED edison bulbs (like you’d see at a wedding) on the ceiling works well as an alternative to a softbox. It’s so many point lights that it adds up to a similar effect- albeit with the downside that you can’t move them around.

Recording #

Streaming #

If you’re following along with the rest of OpGuides and have joined me in using Arch Linux and you happen to be using an AMD GPU, you’ll need to tweak some settings in OBS

Settings→Output→Streaming→set ‘Encoder’ to ‘FFMPEG VAAPI’, then to make that work and not just throw errors, you’ll need the libva and libva-mesa-driver. You’ll probably want Settings→Output→Recording set to ‘Standard’, the encoder to be ‘use Stream Encoder’ and keep the format as mkv.

These settings aren’t necessarily the best for quality, but they should prevent eating your CPU from being overloaded

Visualization Software/Tools #

Name & Link Description Screenshot/Demo
music_visualizer (Github) Shader viewer / music visualizer for Windows and Linux Too many variations to easily show, look at the github repo.
Soundshader (Github) Uses fancy ‘AutoCorrelation’ - info on the github page
Metagroove (
Signalizer VST Listed above in Free VSTs, but it’s so good I’m listing it here again. An amazing VST Oscilliscope, Vectorscope, and general analysis tool, looks very good too. Has full screen modes.

Note that most of the fancy music animations you see on YouTube are probably made in Adobe After Effects, with the exception of some that are done in programs like TouchDesigner or other node-based programming environments. You can read more about these in Design Chapter 6 - Generative Tools

Some people also use hardware such as the Sleepy Circuits ‘Hypno’ or Critter & Guitari ‘Eyesy’ - though both of these platforms are really just running a Raspberry Pi (a lil' computer) under the hood.

On very rare occasion you may also see some outright analog video synthesis, but this is generally very, very expensive. Just search YouTube for ‘Analog Video Synthesizer’.

I also recomend making your visuals in weirder ways. Here are some videos with visuals I really like:

Other people talking about their setups #

EposVox is a great YouTube channel for learning about streaming stuff

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