Chapter 7 - Physics #


Art by awesome_o.possum (Instagram) Character owned by Vega.

This is still a dumping ground for things I want to write about later, nothing of substance is here yet, sorry about that

[TODO] speed vs Velocity vs Acceleration, classical vs relative

Radiocarbon dating (Wikipedia)

Cosmic Microwave Background (Wikipedia)

Natural nuclear fission reactor (Wikipedia)

How Kodak Exposed The Atomic Bomb (YouTube, Veritasium)

Seeing the invisible: Event displays in particle physics

Building a Vortex Tube (This Old Tony, YouTube)

made with paint from r/physicsmemes
The Chernobyl Dice: A quantum random number generator with a nixie tube display

1 - Newtonian (assume a spherical cow) #

2 - Electromagnetism #

The Electromagnetic Radiation Spectrum (Anthony Tekatch @


3 - Relativity and the Quantum #

Planck frequency, time, length

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