Music Hardware

Music Hardware #

Digital: 1010111010010010110100101110101

Analog: ∿∿~∿~∿∿∿~


[TODO] Building a MIDI Controller Using Arduino (YouTube, Switch & Lever)

MPE, aftertouch, vel, virtual midi, midi cc v pb v mod v note on/off v sysmsg v OSC v midi2.0

Note, there’s a pretty limited number of MPE capable instruments, thankfully there’s stil a decent price range between them. This list is not exhaustive, but I think gives a good sampling:


Artiphon Orba

Roli Lightpad Blocks

Haken Audio ContinuuMini


Expressive e - Osmose (Demo)

Roli Seaboard (Block, Rise)


Haken Audio Continuum

Audio Interfaces #

[TODO, ADAT, preamps, headphone amps, phantom48, Hi-Z, Lo-Z]

Weird side note:

Some VOIP software (Discord, Zoom, etc.) may want you to use a Sample rate of 48Khz and a Buffer size of 192. No clue why.

Headphones/speakers #

[TODO studio headphones V regular]

[TODO openback v Closed]

[TODO Planar magnetic]

[TODO Quadraphonic, Atmos, 5.1, etc]

Eurorack #

Modular Grid an online tool for dreaming about hardware setups (Eurorack, Guitar Pedals, and a few other modular formats)

Cool Hardware #

Blokas Midihub

Novation LaunchPad X

  • - python library for the Novation Launchpad Line
  • r_cycle for Pure Data Library *most Launchpads

T1 Algorithmic Midi Sequencer

Sixtyfour pixels MIDI controlled relay

Sixtyfour pixels ‘Noodlebox’ sequencer

Sixtyfour pixels ‘Hack-Du-Strum’, a page feautring mods of their strummable controller, similar to an omnichord

Sleepy Circuit’s “Hypno” CV live visuals box

Notes on Hardware NOT to buy #

  • The Teenage Engineering Pocket Operators are cool, fun, etc. But they’re pretty fragile and have some issues. Generally, I don’t think they’re worth it. Here’s Some alternatives
    • Analogue Pocket
    • DityWave M8
    • or, if you’re feeling spendy, the OP-1 and OP-Z are options. Each have their own quirks though, so be sure to do your research. Regardless, I really don’t recomend the TE PO’s

Notes on how your hardware will be more expensive than you think #

[TODO] Balanced audio, group loop isolation, impedance matching, isolated power supplies, cables … so many cables

DAWless? #

DAW-less just means not using a Digital Audio Workstation to make your music, usually though this means not using a typical computer at all. Here’s a good example of a DAWless performance:

10 Things You NEED to know before Building a Dawless Synthesizer Setup (YouTube, BoBeats)

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