Chapter 36 - Let’s try out programmable logic #

Before we get started, please be sure you’ve read Chapter 24 - Digital Logic

Simulation of an Intel 4004 in TICS (The Integrated Circuit Simulator) a (abandoned?) WIP by Oni, Download the interpreter here, the repo has plenty of examples.

Some similar pixel art simulation tools are wired-logic, reso, wireworld,


Finite State Machines, VHDL, Verilog, FPGA & CPLD internals

Chapter 28.1 - Field Programmable Analog Arrays? #

[TODO] https://hasler.ece.gatech.edu/FPAA_IEEEXPlore_2020.pdf

Weird Ways to do Logic? #

Using an EEPROM to replace combinational logic (Ben Eater, YouTube)

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