History #

Something to consider before going forward is that, assuming you’re from the US, the education you’ve received is likely very skewed both in what content is presented in the first place and how it’s presented. Unlike what most US education will tell you MLK did not magically end racism, not every US war has been just, and - no - our three branches of government are not working as intended. This chapter serves as a sort of collection of resources to help you get a more holistic view that aims to better represent the truth of history, instead of letting it be written with a movie of profit, patriotism, and indoctrination.

To get started, I’m going to link to quite a few videos:

Why American History Whitewashes Radical Figures

U.S. History: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

While also linked previously in the War and Foreign Involvement chapter, I seriously recommend The CIA is a Terrorist Organization

The missing half of American history (Beth Olanoff)

A People’s History of the United States

Are there any events that were left out of our US history books?(Quora)

CIA Timeline

TODO: https://cascade.page

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