/Uses - Vega Deftwing

July 23, 2023
Music, Personal, Meta

Preface # This is a uses page. I want to preface everything by saying I am very fortunate to have all of the stuff I have. I like my stuff. But, ultimately, it’s just stuff. I know I do not use any of it to its maximum potential. It makes me happy to have it, but I also don’t need the vast, vast majority of it to accomplish the majority of what I want to accomplish. ...

How I Make OpGuides

February 7, 2021

History # Before I can get into how OpGuides works now, I need to provide some history so that you can learn from my mistakes. The first iteration of OpGuides was A single markdown file so long that the scroll bar was hard to grab. It was meant to be viewed and distributed not as a website, but as a file to be opened with (so that the html and everything rendered- though in theory any markdown editor would do) ...

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