Analog Art #

What makes it ‘analog’ #

For OpGuides I’m going to refer to any non-digital art as analog. Traditionally, this art is called traditional. I don’t like this term as it implies that there’s a right ’traditional’ way to do things, and that’s a load of shit. Whenever I say analog, don’t think about it too much. I just mean not using software and a computer, or, if using a computer, it’s not necessary for the majority of the effort that’s used to make the end product. For example, 3D printing a model to then paint it.

Pen/Pencil and Paper #

Paper types, lead weight, transfer paper, pen types (+caligraphy), erasers, etc.

Charcoal #

Paints #

New Genesis, me, fluid acrylic, 2020 from r/Art

Sculpting #

clay + different types (water, air-dry, oil, polymer, epoxy, earthen/stone, ceramic, ) , sand, sawdust, paper, plastics, + ovens/kilns

Fabrics and Fashion #

This is my very long daughter, Calliope Crayon Cruncher from r/LongFurbies

LED Hackers Jacket for EMF Camp (lochsh)

Ink/Stich Inkscape Library

Glass #

While I haven’t done this personally, based on the sheer amount of content on YouTube and hearing others experience making stained-glass isn’t nearly as hard as one would assume

Of course, that’s assuming you have the glass already. From what I’ve seen, making from-scratch, hand-blowing, or re-flowing glass trinkets is exceptionally difficult.

I’m not saying any of this to dissuade you from trying anything, just stating where you may want to start.

The biggest stained glass commission so far - feels great! from r/furry

Other #

Foil Art (Reddit)

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