Chapter 32 - Computer Vision #

This page is still pretty empty, in the meantime, check out The Ancient Secrets of Computer Vision by Joseph Redmon and Ali Farhadi

As an aside, Joseph Redmon is an absolute genius, and the main brain behind You Only Look Once: Unified, Real-Time Object Detection which sort of revolutionized the computer vision with AI space, yet, his resume looks like this

This is to say the man is an absolute badass and I could not be more confident in my recommendation of his course

The comments on hacker news about that page are quite insightful, too:

In terms of practical application (e.g. in industry), the biggest bang for your buck is “get the illumination right”. Surprised this never appears in the course (at least from glancing over the syllabus and some slides). Most CV tasks are borderline impossible if your input is acquired under uncontrollable lighting. Whereas the right illumination setup can often let you get away with nothing but a threshold binarization.

- MauramKilom backup of the above Tweet

This is the Difference of Gaussians (Acerola, YouTube)

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