Your Own Garden #

I just said you’d need to learn a bunch to do this, so, why bother?

  1. Platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, etc. - Social Media - don’t let you customize the look of your page

    … and they track you

    … and they make the experience bad for those without accounts

    … and they can limit your speech, ban your account, etc.

  2. Site builders (Squarespace, Wix, WordPress, etc.) tend to lead to cookie-cutter websites

    … and are (typically) more expensive

    … and have vendor lock in

    … and (typically) cost more

    * I will however concede that they’re nice if you want to have a store front!

But, that’s just reasons to not use those things, why do you actually want to do this?

  1. It’s fun! You get to fully decorate and design your own virtual space!

  2. It’s fulfilling! You’re learning how to do something with the real, big-boy tools

  3. You can do real good - like making an educational page

  4. It’s yours

    … you can say what you, how you want- change every visual details, add animation, whatever

    … you don’t need to worry about your content disappearing or losing access

    Though I do still recommend promoting on big platforms: see POSSE
  5. It can be nice for organization, like I have for myself with OpGuides

    I wouldn’t use a website like this one as my only organizational tool though! Things like Masterplan, Notion, and Obsidian all do that a bit better.

Code from Noah Blon

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