Accessibility #

Contrast. #

░▒▓ Accessability doesn't mean ugly. ▓▒░
High contrast colors can look good. ♛
🙟Like this, nice nature-y theme.🙝
Or this in-your-face purple
🗹🗹🗹 these boxes are high contrast.
And it's not like this is hard to do.    Hell, it's easier!
These palettes made using
Though it's not hard to make your own.
You just have to give a shit.

Image alt-text #

Using basic-ass HTML the way it’s intended. #

Don’t make your buttons divs.

Finding a balance. #

A lot of sites that preach accessibility miss a point that everyone is thinking “If I’m focused on accessibility, I won’t be able to work as fast or make as many cool things.”. Yep. That’s true.

Hell, above where I wrote “🗹🗹🗹 these boxes are high contrast.

It’s possible a screen reader will read that as

ballot box bold check ballot box bold check ballot box bold check these boxes are high contrast bold text end.

With the bold text being in a, uh, bold voice? It depends on the user’s screen reader.

And, yeah, oof. That’s not a good experience. It’s worth trying to balance your use of text, images, and (do-as-I-say-not-as-I-do) Unicode abusing spice.

Not being a dick™ #

TODO: Facebook putting each letter of sponsored in a different div breaking things.

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