Misc Effects #

Auto-Tune #

Given it’s basically a meme now, I assume you know what Auto-Tune is. What you may not realize is that not all auto-tune is, well, auto. A lot of the time it’s done manually, painstakingly correcting the tuning. If the original sound is close enough, it’s usually pretty easy to get it to sound natural, too.

Also keep in mind pitch correction isn’t just for vocals, you might want to pitch correct your guitar playing, change a note in an already recorded sequence when you change keys, or even just use it as a glitchy effect on pitch bends.

Vocoders #

Vocoders are a bit weird to understand, and really need a visual explanation. This first video is really trying to sell you on the ‘OVOX’ vocoder, but does start with a decently good explanation. The second video is for a particularly neat vocoder-y, pitch-shifty effect that I think does the vocoder effect better than your traditional vocoder. It is kinda pricey though.

Note, that when you hear a vocoder you may confuse the sound for a talkbox, the way they work is pretty dramatically different. There’s an extraordinary good video on talkboxes embedded at the bottom of this page.

Pitch, Glitch, & Granular #

Rather than try to explain all of these, I’m just gonna throw a grid of videos at you. Skip around, hear some neat sounds. Get inspired.

Pitch #

Glitch #

Granular #

Spectral Editing #

Spectral editing is sorta crazy, the idea is instead of working with waves in the time domain, you’re applying effects in the frequency domain. The idea being that you can directly select and work with chunks of frequency in a way that would be a nightmare of filters otherwise. You can even do weird things like delay only certain frequency blocks (see MSpectralDelay)

De-Noising & De-Essing #

(Make sure you didn’t gloss over Noise Gates in the Dynamics Chapter)


Ring Modulators #


Talk-boxes #

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