Chapter 6 - Math #

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As with all of OpGuides, please skip around as necessary. I suspect the start of this math chapter will be stuff many readers already know, especially those currently in college.

The next few chapters are, regrettably, necessary for developing your knack. Math, Physics, and Chemistry and fundamental to all engineering fields, and while something about each of the three subjects finds a way to make the 16-year-old high schooler in us release a long, exasperated groan. I think this is mostly due to each of these things being taught in a way that takes the fun and interesting parts out and replaces them with trying to learn skills that have largely been outdated by the advent of calculators, computers, and the internet. I’ll do my best to keep this chapter interesting by showing some of the fun parts of math and linking to the most entertaining videos and ‘hands on’ resources that I can. So, let’s get mathy!

This video on How to Read Math (YouTube, Dominic Walliman) and the cheat sheet from it, How To Read Math, Cheat Sheet (Flickr, Dominic Walliman) may help you get your brain juices flowing.

If you’re reading this as someone that’s trying to refresh on what they learned in high school, I do still recommend going through these pages, but Professor Leonard’s College Algebra and Trigonometry course on YouTube is probably your best bet for getting back up to speed, though it is long enough to take a week of full time watching to get through.

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