Labor and Compensation #

The Case For Banning Non-Competes (

EU pushes for ‘right to disconnect’ from work at home (

Please Consider My Application to Give You Labor So I Can Stay Alive

Workplace Wellbeing Is a Scam (Tribune)

Economic Inequality #

Source code (GPL v3), by Matt Korostoff

Wage Theft is a Much Bigger Problem Than Other Forms of Theft—But Workers Remain Mostly Unprotected

Ex-Google Employee Exposes Unequal Pay With Spreadsheet (Wall Street Journal)

[TODO] historical tax rates (the 91% tax bracket? Need to do more research on this…), wealth tax

A Megacorp is not your dream job (Drew DeVault’s Blog)

Universal Basic Income #

Work Life Balance #

Monopolies #

Unions #

Consumer protections #

best interest - Fiduciary TOS simplification

Homelessness #

Job Obsolescence #

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