Chapter 14 - Discrete Math, Algorithms, Data Structures, and Not Sucking at Programming ™* #

Brute Force Algorithms #

Backtracking #

[TODO] Directed Acyclic Graphs

[TODO] Finite State Machines

[TODO] e-graphs?


[TODO] ‘Tree Traversal’ on Algorithm Archive

Divide and Conquer #

Master Theorm #

Decrease and Conquer #

Branch and Bound #

Kernelization #

Cacheing #

*With some complexity analysis too.


[TODO] I also have discreete math in the chapter 11, math… not sure what do do about this…

Truth tables, binary, logical equlivencies, propositional logic,

Sets, functions, relations, recurrence, induction, combonation, graphs, isomorphsm,

Complexity analysis #

Big O Notation - explained as easily as possible (that computer scientist)

More cool videos like this can be found at

+recursion analysis, P vs. NP (YouTube)

Brute Force #

Divide and Conquer #

Data structures #

trees, hashtables/maps, stacks

Practice #

Fib, some practice logical equliv, base conversion algo, overlapping lines, matrix multiplication

Locality #

Temporal #

Spatial #

Dynamic Programming #

Heads up, this is a 5 hour video:

Some Algorithmic Inspiration #

Coding Adventure: Ant and Slime Simulations

Algorithmic Redistricting: Elections made-to-order

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