Music Software

Music Software #

Audio Sources #
Name & Link Description Screenshot
Various from SugarBytes I really like
  • Consequence - Chord Grovebox
  • Factory - Mod Matrix Polysynth
  • Guitarist - Guitar Emulation, easy to program
  • Drum Computer - Drum Synth
  • Obscurium - I don’t even know, but it’s cool.
  • Cyclop - Neat Synth, good for bass
  • Egoist - Weird audio stem re-groover?
  • Thesys - MIDI Sequencer
  • Websites #

    Google Drum Machine (Like XO)

    Audio backends #


    Windows #

    ASIO #

    Direct Sound #

    WSAPI #

    Linux #

    Seriously, check out Making Sense of The Linux Audio Stack on Venam’s Blog. It’s a rather painfully long read, but if you’re trying to do Linux audio, it’s probably less painful than trying to figure it all out by stumbling though it.

    ALSA #

    Pulse Audio #

    Jack #

    A few programs you wouldn’t expect to run directly though jack, one of the more annoying is Telegram. To fix Telegram at least, just use alsoft-config and go to Backends->General, then right click Disabled backends and add JACK.

    Pipewire #

    Really weird stuff that doesn’t fit elsewhere #

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