Freedoms and Rights #

Freedom of Speech #

xkcd №1357

Freedom of Press #

Everyone is press,

The Trump Administration Is Trying To Force BuzzFeed News To Divulge Its Sources With A Subpoena

anti-SLAPP laws

Whistle Blower Protections #

Search and Seizure #

Fair Trial #

Court of Public Opinion #

Freedom of Body #

Marital Rape, Euthanasia, Abortion, AI recognition and usage, gene ownership

Freedom of environmental concern #

Vaccination, local pollution

Freedom of Travel #

Immigration, Citizenship testing

Personal Armament #

Right to record, Right to know #

  • if it is public, there’s reason to expect you may be
  • if it is private, person to person, (not b2b or p2b) there’s an exception for if it only for personal or judical (to be used in trial) use.
    • I.E, can’t post it online if it’s unreasonable to expect being recorded

Promise of Ownership #

Drm, General Purpose Computation, Right to Repair, etc.

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