6 - Network Interfaces #


Pictured here are three Network Interface Cards (NICs). The three on the left are for WiFi (though some of this form factor may include bluetooth as well) while the one on the right has an ethernet port for wired access. Most computer’s will not have a separate card for the wired interface though, as most motherboard’s have a wired network interface built in.

NICs also include the wireless chipset used for connecting to a cell tower and really any radio communication device in general.

Older NICs include those used for Dial-Up connections and some obscure wireless methods that predate WiFi.

Ethernet #

[TODO] rj45, ethernet over infiniband, speed bases

WiFi #


Channels 12, 13, 14. 2.4 v 5, wifi 6, weird authentication, etc

High Bandwidth #

[TODO], infiniband, DMA, 10GbE+, Multigig

At the end of the day, nothing is faster than a truck filled with drives. [TODO xkcd link]

The Future #


wifi6, 10gbe rj45 and beyond, cellular, sdr

The Past #


coax network, infrared, sneakernet

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