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Appendix C - BOM #

As the guide isn’t anywhere near a usable state yet, this page should be ignored for the most part.

OpGuides is free. Unfortunately all the tools and programs you’ll need to follow along aren’t necessarily. While you probably could do everything in this guide without getting the things in this Bill OF Materials (BOM) it will massively help to have it.

I’ll do my best to keep the cost as low as possible though. If you need help confirming something in your cart is correct just hit me up.

Item Price/item (approx, in USD) Quantity
Backup Hard Drive 40/Tb optional
Thumb Drive 8 1
Arduino nano 5/board 2
ESP8266 5/board 2
STM32F103C8T6 w/ programmer 8 Optional
ICE-Breaker FPGA 80 Optional
74-series logic IC’s 25 Optional
Assorted Resistors 10
Assorted Potentiometers 5
Assorted Capacitors (Ceramic) 10
Assorted Capacitors (Electrolytic) 10
Assorted Inductors 5
Assorted transistors 8
Assorted Diodes 10
Op-Amps (UA741) 5/10
Assorted LEDs 5
Assorted Crystal osc
555 Timers 4/10
Hook up wire
jumper wire
Solid Core wire Optional
Breadboard 10/3pcs, dont cheap out. Cheap ones super suck. These are decent. 3 should be plenty, but more if you’ll have more in-progress projects
Proto PCB 12 ish, but varries Something like this, which has pre connected lanes like a normal breadboard is nice ╮(─▽─)╭ depends on how many projects you want to keep
Buttons 7/50pcs ~32 (They break easily)
DIP Switches 8/5pcs ish, get 4 or 8 switch blocks or a variety pack at least 32 total switches
7-segment display 1.5/IC For learning, get the raw pins, not the multi modules.
tiny OLED display 6 ish, varries by size and pixel count. Optional
Accelerometer 4 ish, varries by accuracy and other features Optional
Servo Depends on size and what you want to do with it. Just to learn, a 2 ‘micro servo’ is fine. Optional
Relay board 6 ish for a 4 relay traditional relay board
not a significant difference to go for Solid State relays,
which are much quieter and faster switching
Lab Power Supply 35 for a shit, 300ish for something multi channel and nice
As with the OScope, it’s up to you on the investment
1, 2 optional
Soldering Iron (TS100) 75 (full kit)
Solder 9/spool. Varies in quality, you get what you pay for.
You’ll want to make sure it’s pretty thin.
Flux 10 or so. Varies in quality, you get what you pay for.
Osciliscope 30 for a shit, 350 for a good one,
not really an in between :(
Multimeter 35
Logic Analyzer 10 for a cheap Saleae logic clone, ~65 for a good one
obviously you can spend as much as you want for
more channels or faster reads
Software Defined Radio 150ish for a HackRF or Lime Mini optional
Proxmark3 very optional

Also we’re going to be building a little server, for this you’ll want

Item Price Quantity
ASRock J3455-ITX 75 1
ITX, SFX case (APEX MI Series MI-008, with power supply) 50
DD3L 40/8Gb 1
1Tb 2.5" hard drive (Redundant Storage) 55/dive 2
120Gb SSD (OS) 20
Extra Network interface card 25 Optional
Total (Barebones)
Total (Optional)


You can find a used Dell Poweredge r610 or poweredge 1950. Many of these will come with out drives, but this option is probably cheaper than the above for better specs. However; these servers are LOUD, loud enough to not be comfortable in the same room and absolutely drink power. As mentioned in the server section, the hardware you use really doesn’t matter, you’ll just want at least two hard drives, an OS drive, and multiple network interfaces are encouraged. These things can all be added to just about any desktop though, so going to electronics thrift stores or auctions and finding a desktop works too.

Getting things for cheap #

salvage, auctions

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