32 3dprint

Chapter 32 - 3D printing, CNC, and making things #

Basic making #

Wood working #

Safety #

Cool projects #

Lichtenberg Figure Table (imgur)

Epoxy Inlay and Rustic Compass Butcher Block Countertops (imgur) (YouTube)

Metal Working #

Safety #

CNC, 3D, Lasers, & Plotting #


While this book/guide/thing primarily focuses on the less mechancial-engieering-y side of things, it wouldn’t make sense not to include at least a little about 3D printing, molding, materials, gears, springs, and the like. So, here goes:

isogrid2020 (GitHub)

Vpype (GitHub) - “The Swiss-Army-knife command-line tool for plotter vector graphics.”

Laser Etching Stainless Steel with Mustard (Hackaday)

Achieve true 3D printing with non planar slicing (YouTube, Teaching Tech)

Giant Mechanical Iris! Cut on a CNC Router (YouTube)

Topology Optimization makes for some cool shelves (YouTube)

Clearner Laser Cutting With a 3D-Printed Nozzle (Hackaday) ,Links to article by Jesse @Nervous Systems

Elksmaker modifications (YouTube)

Some neat 3D printable things #


VGA USB cover (Thingiverse)

Fuckofftopus 2.0 (Thingiverse)

Motorized Scaly Gauntlet (Hackaday)

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