18 Bigprog

Chapter 18 - Writing a larger program #

From https://wiki.xxiivv.com/site/development.html

  • Prototype before polishing. Get it working before optimizing it.
  • Separate policy from mechanism, separate interfaces from engines.
  • Write simple modular parts connected by clean interfaces.
  • Design programs to be connected to other programs.
  • Write programs to write programs when you can.
  • Design for the future, because it will be here sooner than you think.
  • In interface design, always do the least surprising thing.
  • When a program has nothing surprising to say, it should say nothing.
  • When a program must fail, it should fail noisily and as soon as possible.
  • Write big programs only when it is clear by demonstration that nothing else will do.
  • Consider how you would solve your immediate problem without adding anything new.

Programming can seem scary at first but the more you exercise, the easier and more exciting it gets. After all, practice makes perfect! :)


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