16 Embedded

Chapter 16 - Embedded Systems #


What is an Embedded System? #


[TODO] need source

PWM, SPI, I2C, What’s going on?! #

Driving a PAL TV over RF thanks to PWM harmonics (Hackaday)

Making an Embedded System project - 1 - Humidity Sensor #

Making an Embedded System project - 2 - MIDI Controller (with piezzo) #

Making an Embedded System project - 3 - Stepper Motor Music #

adapted from floppy drives, but less expensive

Real Time Operating Systems #


[TODO note, MBED was used on the euclidean drum project for its event queue]

talk about scheduling (CFS, etc)

Other weird and cool projects: #

Of Course It Leaks!

“The Simplest of Pseudo Random Number Generators” - Hackaday

Chapter 14.1 - Embedded Hardware comparison #

[TODO, Pi V RockPi4 V Arduinos V x86, ref architecture information from chapter 3.3]

mention pi sd card performance / stability limits and pi advantages in how common it is

Arduino ≠ Atmega32p #

I really want to make this clear: Arduino is a framework. Not a specific hardware platform. Different Arduino devices can run with wildly different specs and support wildly different features.

STM 32 #

The ‘Black Pill’ (STM32F411) is replacing the ‘Blue Pill’ (STM32F103) (Hackaday)

Getting Started in Robotics (Arthur Allshire’s Blog)

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