14 Circuits2

Chapter 14 - Circuits & Semiconductors #


Show everything in a circuit sim, fix heading levels (this is a mess)

Possibly break up this chapter? Transistors, the opamp, etc alone may each justify their own chapters

That said, I don’t want to get to in the mud of transistor physics. I really want to focus on how/when/why to use what, not how they work as the physics is both pretty hard to grasp and not super useful. Still would like to mention that switching is what uses power and like process size things, but maybe not the chemistry or electron tunneling effects

Chapter 14.1 - Semiconductors #

Semiconductors? #

Will gallium nitride electronics change the world? (YouTube, Engadget)

[TODO] pic of silicon bulb

P/N junctions, etc.

Diodes, the one way road #


zeener, normal, bipolar

  • varistors , sparkgaps
  • Leds - getting current both ways, LED safety

Varicaps (Wikipedia)

Tunnel Diodes (Wikipedia)

Diode Logic #

The Diode Clock

Transistors #


Transistor Families (JonDent - Blogspot)

Bipolar Transistor @ electronics-tutorials.ws

tubes and how they work


IGBT, Mosfets? #

Tubes #

That Elusive Valve Amp Sound, For Not a Lot! (There has to be a Catch) (hackday.com)

Integrated Circuits #


https://hackaday.com/2019/05/20/integrated-circuits-can-be-easy-to-understand-with-the-right-teachers/ Uncovering the Silicon: Demystifying How Chips are Built and How They Work (YouTube)

Reverse-engineering the TL431

555, OpAmp, 74-Series Logic #

555 Timer IC (YouTube)

555 as an amplifier (don’t actually do this!)

potato semi

Chapter 14.2 - Opamps & Filters #

Optical Electronics #


Crystal Oscillators #


Piezoelectricity - Why hitting crystals makes electricity (YouTube)



Driving a PAL tv over RF thanks to PWM harmonics (Hackaday)





Active Filters #



Waveguides #

Waveguides Explained (YouTube)

Audio Devices #


speakers, piezos, amps, mics and pickup patters


add motors, analog meters, various connection standards, radio, flex/pressure sense, grounding (chassis, digital, analog, ground planes, etc.), solar/photo reactive,

Relating AC and Music #


Relate back to things like ADSR, Distortion, Reverb / Echo, Decibels (audio), etc. Use VCV RACK

Continued Reading: #


At this point I highly recommend ‘Practical Electronics for Inventors’ ISBN 978-1259587542, namely chapters 2-12, and 15-16. It’s a very large, detailed book that does it’s best to keep things, well, practical.


Hardware isn’t generally copyrightable

Hackady.io 2020 Circuit Sculuture Challange

RGB LED, Inductively Powered, Frequency Controlled (YouTube, Wolf Tronix)

How to protect circuits from reversed voltage polarity! (YouTube, AfroTechMods)

Circuit Sculpture Workshop (Hackaday, Kristina Panos)

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