13 Chem

Chapter 13 - Chem #

This chapter is more or less on hold while I prioritize adding the content I’m more familiar with, if you’d like, feel free to submit a PR to flesh this section out.

Unfortunately my chemistry education was pretty ‘meh’, and I never actually made it to Organic Chem. I have CrashCourse’s Chemistry and Organic Chemistry videos on YouTube on my ‘To Watch’ list though. Obviously I don’t know if they’re any good, but maybe they’d be a decent place to start. NileRed, Cody’s Lab, and Thought Emporium on YouTube all have good chemistry content as well.

This series from Crash Course series has 46 videos, each about 10 minuets, so about 7.6 hours of content.

1 - Atomic Structure, Basics of the Table, Bonding #

2 - Acid/base, Electrochem, Thermochem, Photochem #

3 - Organic Chemistry #

This series from Crash Course series is in progress at the time of writing, but when done will consist of 50 videos, each about 12 minuets, so about 10 hours of content.

Yeast that produce PENICILLIN - Whose Gene is it Anyway (YouTube)

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